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Character Cabaret is a course for performers wanting to create cabaret routines based on three dimensional, physically distinctive and entertaining characters. Students should have previous experience of performance, though not necessarily within cabaret or physical theatre.

By experimenting with physicality, rhythms, timing and narrative, classically trained mime and physical theatre performer Pi the Mime will guide you through a course of exercises, challenges and inspirations to help you build a performance ready cabaret act. Expect clown, song, spoken word, character comedy, and of course mime!

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Photo Credits: Flavia Fraser Cannon

The next Finger in the Pie Character Cabaret Course begins on May 21st 2016. Classes take place in Stockwell on Saturday mornings, with the filmed and photographed friends and industry showcase happening at the Soho Theatre.



Pi the Mime also offers private act tuition and development, with focus on:

  • Movement / Dance
  • Physicality / Character
  • Improvisation / Interaction / Clowning
  • Voice / Singing / Text
  • Acting
  • Dramaturgy / Act Narrative

Bring an act and Pi tailors a custom workshop to help develop your specific act. No general feedback or exercises, but techniques designed to help heighten THIS ACT and THIS CHARACTER.  

"Pi is an expert in harnessing a performer’s own personal style and influences, then pushing them to experiment with different ways of movement within that to create a much more interesting final product. With experience in so many different performance disciplines, his unique method of choreography and act development is both helpful and inspiring." Felicity Furore

Keep your eyes peeled for new courses and chances to work with Pi the Mime, including:

Burlesquercise: Using Pi's dance training, take part in classes that are designed to tone and exercise whilst learning fun routines.

Specialist Movement: Drawing on Pi's extensive movement training, these classes shall look specifically into various forms of movement and activating various parts of the body so as to increase participants' movement repertoire.


Pi the Mime holds the Character Cabaret Course with Finger in the Pie (a 10 Week Course dedicated to creating Cabaret Characters) as well as private tuition in Movement, Act Creation, Character, Improvisation, Acting and Voice / Singing (as alter ego Mercury). 


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