Pi has been performing in Cabarets internationally since 2014, and received considerable recognition on the scene. 

As a mime, Pi offers a distinctive and unusual discipline to a line up for variety shows and has four main flavours of acts to suit any crowd, show and line up, be it alternative and edgy or classic, old school cabaret.

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mime based

  • Mime For A Dime: This classic mime act is a real crowd pleaser and ticks all your audiences' mime boxes: the rope, the wind, the wall, the ladder and of course the box. In this charming act, Pi plays a street performer trying to 'impress' his onlookers - the further the act goes, the harder the mime tries. 
  • Wind Up Pi: Classic Decroux Mime that really highlights the art of mime and body isolation, in an act that sees Pi (in the role of a wind up toy) being wound up and discovering movement. But, as the music gets quicker and more frantic so does the mime. How fast can the mime go?
  • The SnowMime: A perfect Christmas act in the style of a John Lewis commercial, Pi dreams of snow and proves that, in the holiday season, if you wish hard enough miracles can happen.

clown based

  • Mime-Oirs of a Geisha: One of Pi's most popular acts, this tribute to the Mime's favourite film sees Pi take on the final frames of the film, and the audience take on the role of the falling cherry blossom in a hilarious routine that sees Pi's best attempt at recreating the beautiful scene.
  • Mission Im-Pi-Sible: In classic Clown Pi style, the mime recreates the famous robbery scene with the audience in the role of the lasers. Will the audience make it a difficult challenge to reach the jewels or shall they be kind to cat burglar mime!
  • Nine to Pi: This award winning act has been loved by audiences across the UK. A charming clown tale of a mime stuck in a job he hates, this boylesque act is incredibly relatable as the audience join Pi in his escape from the mundane desk to the fabulous cabaret stage. 

elsewhere in the cabaret

​Pi is very experienced in performance and arts, both onstage and behind the scenes. Pi is also available as producer, programmer, choreographer or director as well as in the role of in character stage kitten - providing a fun character to negotiate the technicalities of the show (including compere interaction and comedy, clown pick up sketches).

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dance based

  • PiSession: Pi's darkest act sees the mime inspired by Poltergeist and the Exorcist in a routine combining jazz and contemporary dance and body popping as the possessed mime exorcises the demon out of themself and defeats it in a dark and disturbing dance.
  • Living Statue: In this act, Pi dances a beautiful contemporary dance as statue discovering what it is to be free of constraint and alive but ultimately cursed to be still and silent together. Swathes of material float about Pi as he spins and leaps through this tortured tale.

Drag based

  • Independent Womime: This hilarious boylesque / lip-sync routine has one message to say and that is a celebration of strong femininity. As Pi lip-syncs and dances to an incredibly fast Brooke Candy song, the mime answers the calls of 'Bitch' with 'Well fine. But you ain't never seen a bitch like me!'
  • A Mime Scorned: In this act, Pi plays a jealous wife who has caught her husband cheating and, in a rage, gets all Chicago on the man! 1940s film noir combined with contemporary pop, this routine plays with a woman on the edge and her good for nothing husband.
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​Pi is a versatile and creative individual that is happy to discuss the creation of specific acts to fit the theme or structure of the show. Whether it be modern, vintage, funny, sexy or ethereal, Pi is happy to be creative and help realise the vision of anyone putting on a show. Style, content and price of act creation is negotiable. Please contact Pi for further information or with queries.