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award winning mime, burlesque, clown, drag artist

Pi the Mime joins all male Burlesque and Drag revue Boylexe ​for their full length shows at Cecil's London.


Returning to the company that first spotted him, Pi becomes a regular fixture at Finger in the Pie events, including the Finger in the Pie Showcase, Pi the Mime's Cabaret/Burlesque Course and Mimetic Festival.

Pi joins Bawdsville as the resident Boylesque Artist, appearing alongside Unruly Scrumptious, Good Ness Gracious, Ophelie Frenchkiss and Little Madame at Bawdsville shows across London.

Pi teams up with Burlesquer Felicity Furore and Musical Magician Neil Kelso to form the House of Q, a trio of cabaret artists programming new and exciting nights, and acting as a collective to assist in act creation, costuming, choreography, marketing and getting that gig. For information and bookings please visit:

the house of q

bawdsville cabaret

finger in the pie