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Pi the Mime appears in full length solo mime / clown show, Un Cas de Nostalgie, a five star, award winning show featuring Pi and several other mime characters in a quest for identity and affection.

Meet Pi. His head in the clouds and his feet firmly half way up in the air, he cannot help but dream.

Join him as he travels through the landscape of his imagination, suitcase in hand, and meets some truly unusual characters. From a geisha to a stripper, this cheeky little mime cannot resist flirtations with those that he meets – but what happens when they find out about one another?

Which one will he choose? 

"Un Cas De Nostalgie is remarkable in its ambition and ingenuity. It’s certainly refreshing to see a mime who does ballet and strips, but it is the look of innocence and vulnerability that lingers. It is difficult to forget those eyes that seem to say: what would you choose if you could be anyone you want to be?" This Is Cabaret

"A very new, very fresh piece of work from a talented man who will go far." One Stop Arts

"Pi delivers one of the best shows in this year's Mimetic Festival. Un Cas de Nostalgie is a real masterclass in writing, acting, directing and, well, pure professionalism. Pi is a versatile artist, adapting to whatever happens and able to charm a crowd. Quite literally the best-case scenario."  ​Views From the Gods

"A grand night out." Theatre Full Stop

Photo Credits: James Rawlings, Studio Prokopiou


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Pi's performance style covers a variety of genres and disciplines, and Pi is known for performing individual acts, walkabout, podium work or as a character in full stage shows.

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Pi has also appeared on Podiums at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, Fire, The Vaults, Cirque le Soir, Haus of Orange, Shadow Lounge, Royal Vauxhall Tavern and the Black Cap as a variety of podium characters - both as dance based and character based podium. These include:

  • Living Moving Statue
  • Wind Up Toy
  • Vogue House Dancer
  • GoGo Dancer
  • Podium Clown

Pi is well versed in walkabout, and interactive, improvised interaction: the perfect character to add to an event or space! Specifics regarding look and exact character can be negotiated. Some of the 'slices of Pi' that people have had before as walkabout include:

  • Circus Clown Mime
  • Chaplin Street Mime
  • Living Statue Mime
  • Parisienne French Mime
  • Mischievous Victorian Child Mime
  • Ringmaster Mime